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Three printable fitness templates to help you:

  • Start a new challenge;
  • track your workouts;
  • reward yourself


Crush your fitness goals with these three templates:

30-Day Challenge Sheet:

This is a fun way to start a new habit or simply to challenge yourself to new highs.

7-Day Workout Planner / Tracker: 

A week ahead is a good amount of time for planning your workouts. Schedule everything in advance and stop wondering every day which exercises to do. Plus, you’re more likely to stick to your plan if you’ve written it down.  Track your progress identify patterns and to avoid plateaus.

Milestones and rewards tracker:

Keeping yourself motivated to stick with your diet and exercise routine will likely be the most difficult part of your fitness journey. Being healthy is not a race. It is a lifetime commitment, so it is imperative to celebrate every success along the way. Rewarding yourself is an excellent way to maintain your motivation… and your sanity!

Features you’ll love:

  • Printable and editable PDFs (forms)
  • Four paper sizes are included: half-size, letter size, A4 and A5
  • Beautiful floral theme (option to print without the images for a minimalist design)

This product is part of the Complete Fitness Planner.

No Printer?

Check out our selection of printed fitness journals.


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