(Printable) Habit Builder – Minimalist Design


Two printable fitness templates to help you build healthy habits:

  • Track several new habits at the same time
  • Monthly habit builder
  • 30-day snapshot


Numerous studies have found that it takes a minimum of 21 days to build a habit.

Get a good start and commit to 30 days to build a new healthy habit now!

Choose between two versions:

  • Monthly Habit Builder: Pre-labeled 12-month habit trackers; start new habits every month!
  • One-Page Habit Builder: Track up to 6 new habits on one page; useful if you don’t start new habits on the same day

Features you’ll love:

  • Printable and editable PDFs (forms)
  • Four paper sizes are included: half-size, letter size, A4 and A5
  • Minimalist design

This product is part of the Complete Fitness Planner.

No Printer?

Check out our selection of printed fitness journals.

Tips: How to Make a New Habit Stick

Break down your goals

Start with simple tasks so you don’t lose motivation. Are you trying to meditate? Start with 3 minutes daily instead of 30 minutes, and build up from that.

Commit to 30 days

Multiple studies have shown that it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit. Get a good start by committing to 30 days.

Don’t skip a day

Consistency is the key. An action performed once in a while won’t become a habit, so make sure you don’t skip a day.

Celebrate your progress

Rewards will trick your brain into distinguishing between pleasurable actions and futile ones. Also, treat yourself because you deserve it!


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