Printable Bodyweight Workout Reference


This workout reference includes 90 bodyweight exercises that are simple and effective in improving balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.  All exercises can be performed anytime and anywhere, and will make you burn calories while working your muscles.  


No access to a gym?

Bodyweight exercises will help you burn fat and build strength all in the comfort of your home.

This illustrated guide will provide an easy way to diversify and plan your workout routine. There are three sections based on the body parts: upper body, lower body and core. All you have to do is pick 2 to 3 moves from each category, and build your own circuit by choosing your prefered number of sets and repetitions. For an effective workout, take between 30 to 60 seconds rest between each set. Be consistent and commit to your routine, and you will see great results in no time.

Performing bodyweight workouts at home have many pros :

  • Perfect for busy people
  • Quick, easy, and effective
  • Many exercises combine cardio and strength
  • Can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Doesn’t require a gym membership
  • Doesn’t require expensive equipments
  • No crowded gym, no waiting time for a machine to free up
  • No shower sharing
  • No creeps watching your every rep
  • Cuss all you want during your workout


  • Printable PDFs: Print and insert into your fitness planner for a quick reference and easy access.
  • Four paper sizes are included: half-size, letter size, A4 and A5
  • Total of 10 pages and 90 unique exercises
  • Minimalist design

What you’ll get:

  • An illustrated guide to 30 core exercises
  • An illustrated guide to 30 upper body exercises
  • An illustrated guide to 30 lower body exercises

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What’s included:

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