Printable Gratitude Journal – Minimalist


Improve your overall well-being with this printable gratitude journal!

Practicing gratitude regularly has many benefits:

  • Gratitude increases self-esteem and happiness.
  • Gratitude improves sleep.
  • Gratitude decreases toxic emotions such as frustration, resentment, regret and envy.
  • Gratitude reduces stress and depression.
  • Gratitude improves relationships.

This printable gratitude journal was designed to be useful and practical:

  • Printable and editable PDFs
  • 20 templates
  • 36 pages in total
  • Minimalist theme
  • Five paper sizes: half size, letter, A4, A5 and happy planner


  • GRATITUDE QUOTES: 12 inspirational quotes to be used as monthly covers or framed
  • GRATITUDE PROMPTS: helpful prompts to help you get started
  • DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNAL: includes a one-page version for busy people and a two-page version for morning routines and before-bed reflections
  • WEEKLY GRATITUDE JOURNAL: seven days of gratitude in one page or two pages
  • MONTHLY AFFIRMATIONS: kickstart your day with a positive affirmation
  • 30-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE: 30 gratitude prompts for the month, perfect for beginners; or use the blank template to write your own gratitude prompts
  • MONTHLY GRATITUDE TRACKER: color the days when you practice gratitude (two versions to choose from) → a great addition to coloring books
  • ANNUAL GRATITUDE TRACKER: a yearly overview of the days you’ve practiced gratitude
  • GRATITUDE LIST: list the things you’re grateful for (pre-filled version and blank version)
  • REASONS WHY: a more in-depth gratitude exercise as you must list 10 reasons why you’re grateful for something or someone
  • GRATITUDE SUN: can be used as a monthly gratitude tracker, a list of positive affirmations and many more
  • NOTES: Ruled and dotted pages to take notes, write, draw or doodle; add these pages to any section for an extra writing space

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