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Handwriting Benefits or The Power of Handwriting

Handwriting Benefits

Do you want to get sh*t done? You should write them down!

Let’s take a look at several handwriting benefits and why you should pick up a paper and pen more often.

Handwriting Benefits

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, from the Dominican University of California, found that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.

This is because writing improves your long term memory and makes you more accountable. Handwriting movements activate parts of your brains responsible for thinking and memory. In contrast, typing engages different parts of the brain: typing is faster than writing, thus it is more appropriate for transcript or for article writing such as a blog.

Writing by hand forces you to slow down and encourages you to focus. Therefore, you have to be intentional about what you want to write. Handwriting is better for organizing thoughts and absorbing information. There is a reason why students prefer to take notes by hand: they are much more able to memorize and retain new concepts this way. A study also found that young children who wrote essays by hand expressed more ideas than those who used a keyboard.

Handwriting also trains and enhances your brains. According to physicians, writing by hand may help baby boomers keep their brains sharp.

How you can crush your fitness goals with handwriting

Do you want to maintain your health, be leaner or stronger? That latest fitness app that makes you tap on a phone screen might not be the solution for you… Sure it does make you save time, but are you really committed?

If you want to make yourself more accountable, it’s time to bring the paper and pen back!

As a bonus, get a nice break from the phone screen and all the annoying notifications.

Grab a fitness journal to help you write down your goals, track your workout progress, plan your meals, and many more!

Handwriting also reduces anxiety and activates neural activity similar to meditation. This is why journaling has been very popular these last years because of its good effects on your mental health. So at the end of the day, slow down and take a moment to reflect in your journal for a calming effect. Why not set priorities for the next day while you’re at it?

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The power of handwriting